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Installation & Commissioning

All our systems are tested prior to delivery including the software. Off-line demonstrations form part of the standard procedure. This eliminates lengthy site commissioning and reduces the risk of delays or loss. Support and service contracts are available to provide customers with assurances of our commitment and peace of mind.

Our installation department was established to provide a complete support service in respect of both the mechanical and electrical installation.

Whether you are working within a cold store, wet or dry environments, our installation and commissioning team will ensure that all work is performed in a timely manner, whilst maintaining the design specifications IP (ingress protection) rating.

Robust project management is at the heart of all our projects, from the initial design through to installations, and we assign dedicated Project Managers to each project, who act as a central liaison point throughout each stage of the design and installation process. They are conversant with CDM and HSE requirements and can act as ‘principal contractor’ as required.

Installation and commissioning